Sonntag, 23. Januar 2011

Are you Serious? (Beware-Bad Sarcasm)

Lection 1: Waste your hard earned money.

Become a fast internet millionaire, even in the recession.

Get one of the getting rich fast opportunities with guarantee

– What, you don’t trust me? Over 100 000 people have also done this before or are doing this and you really think there´s no space for you? If you don’t want to know my unique secret, thousands over thousands of people would die for it. The time is over I am closing my offering, but I will reopen it a few days later for the guys who are stupid enough to really think, that they missed something.

Get coached by the best of the best

– Are you really hesitant by my offered quality? Look, do you really think, that I offer you so much constructive products of other gurus after getting your email address if I wouldn´t be so unique incomparably the best? There´s no other opportunity, excepting you know that I and my products sucks so much, that I am trying to get some affiliate money of them.

Time and privacy is so important that we want to get you more.

Play Google says

– Don’t be evil. Really, we are going to save your time and your privacy. If you are really feeling stressed about evaluating more search results after implementing picture, news, video, blog search into the SERPS, you are not highly developed enough. But no problem, after implementing the Twitter real time search you can train by refreshing all minute and absorption the dates. You have not enough time for this? Nobody, go google for the right time management. But don´t worry you can be so silly as you want, we are collecting enough dates about you and your search behaviors, so we know everything about you before you do.

Play Facebook says

– Don’t be uptight. Share your personal and private information with all your friends and the world. Be a big part of it, be a part of a modern developed new generation. Also spend your time on facebook while playing all these great applications, specially made for great people like you. People who are not afraid of getting no job, because they are fools enough to post all their made shit on facebook or don´t care about their reputation. People who love using applications for example to adept their next sexual partners, even if it could be their mom, because she is also in the friend list.

It´s just for your best.

Get all opportunities for being connected

– Get a cell. Not even just a cell – it must be a smart phone, or how do you want to manage your Skype, Xing, Facebook, Myspace, Digg, Qype, Icq and Msn contacts? And don’t forget about the advantage for the ability to read your e-mails on the way and receiving the latest tweets for being up to date. Hell no, without this stuff, life wouldn´t be possible any more. Bizarrely I heard some bad souls saying, that this communication stress is harming our souls and that it´s also a reason for the depression as a fashion illness. But don’t worry, even if you got a depression, in the most cases you are not aware about it, so who cares?

Use the useful ways for education

- Television, Computer, Smart Phones and Internet provides you a huge amount of education opportunities. Safe your time and reduce your stress while you deport your children in front of these little helpers to support creating the parental alienation syndrome. Nooo, don´t be silly it´s all helpful and you don’t have to control the program and activities. Isn´t the world full of creepy porns and violence? Let your child grow up with them, than he will be resistant as an adult. (Please, bad sarcasm – really never confront your kid with stuff like this)